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In today's world of text messaging, tweets, FB post, SnapChats, we have moved away from traditional letters. Our lives are so fast paced. So take the time today, to send a love letter to someone special in your life! For just $10 a month, a beautifully handcrafted poetic letter will arrive in your loved one's mailbox. Getting married? Send a subscription for your significant other! Having a baby? Send a subscription for the new dad-to-be or mom-to-be! Is your loved one overseas? We can send them one too!

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Monthly Poetic Love Letter

Just Because Poetry Monthly Box Set

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $20.00 Monthly

A beautifully written love poem accompanied by organic bath and body products. As love is pure and natural, so are our organic bath and body partners. Each month, you will receive a beautifully written customized love poem, and sample size organic bath and body products from leaders in the organic...

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